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Men of Madrid

Men of Madrid - Raging Stallion

Time: 150 minutes
Madrid: an urban metropolis buzzing with activity... and stallions in heat. Five paintings with brown, hairy, uncircumcised Spaniards.
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Dick at first sight

Madrid: an urban metropolis humming with activity. Viktor Rom loiters on the sidewalk, cruising the passers-by, when he sees Ramwey Reis approaching. Without breaking his stride, Ramwey turns his head ever so slightly to the right. Boom: eye contact. After a few more steps, Ramwey gives a look back over his shoulder. There's Viktor, following a few paces behind. Ducking into a doorway, Ramwey spins around and shoves his tongue down Viktor's throat. They retreat to a private rooftop with a sweeping view of the Madrid skyline. Ramwey slobbers on Viktor's fat cock and strokes his own massive meat. Viktor has a taste for ass, so Ramwey bends over to give him access. Stretching Ramwey's hole wide, Viktor slathers it with saliva, tongues the entry, and sucks hard. Ramwey moans, eager to get fucked, so Viktor lubes up his cock and pounds Ramwey's ass with deep, powerful thrusts. Ramwey spreads his cheeks, taking Viktor's massive dick to the max. They move from their standing fuck to the deck chair, where Ramwey gets drilled even harder. Stroking his cock, Ramwey blasts a gigantic load. Pulling out, Viktor adds his even bigger load to the sticky mess that drips down Ramwey's washboard abs.

Looking for a big juicy cock

Gabriel Taurus contacts Mario Domenech for the first time: "Looking for ?" Answer: "cock". Mario is hungry of big juicy cock and in 10mn Gabriel lands at his place. The delivery of big dick is up to expectations: Gabriel brings his full package and Mario sucks obediently. He will naturally stretch his ass to be licked and fucked. Careful boy : Gabriel is going to enjoy himself and will pound that ass hard ! Mario will take it like a chief. To reward him, Gabriel is going cum on his cute face and mouth.

It's my day off,  please fuck me Xavi Duran !

Flex Xtremmo has a day off and needs to relax. He decides to meet a guy to fuck him all day and that dude is super hung top Xavi Duran ! Xavi will make him forget everything. He arrives, he puts Flex at ease with a relaxing massage. The effort gets things heated up, so Xavi takes off his shirt, revealing an athletic physique with a thorny tattoo creeping along his right side. He reaches out to stroke the hair dusting Flex's muscled chest. They kiss. Xavi fondles Flex's bulging briefs, and then reveals his own bulging underwear. Flex can't resist going down on Xavi's mushroom-headed monster dick. Flex licks the top of Xavi's cockhead as saliva trickles to the floor. Xavi removes Flex's briefs and gets in position for a rim job. With Flex's ass wet and ready, they fuck doggy style. Holding his ass wide with one hand and jerking himself off with the other, Flex moves in rhythm with Xavi's fucking. Pulling out, Xavi blasts his load on Flex's leg. Flex strokes himself off and his cum splatters on his washboard abs.


Mario Domenech and Viktor Rom both had their hookup cancelled. 'What now?' asks Mario. 'Looks like I'll fuck you,' says Viktor. Their beards rub together as they press their lips together, and Viktor prods Mario's hole with a finger. They strip on the balcony; Mario rubs his hairy body, plump nips, and thick cock. Viktor reveals his statuesque physique and presents his massive cock to get sucked. Pressing down the back of Mario's neck, Viktor makes sure his girthy cock gets sucked all the way to the balls. Mario runs his tongue beneath Viktor's foreskin, and then they trade places, with Viktor using his teeth to tug on Mario's foreskin. Mario spreads his ass and Viktor dives in with his tongue. Saliva drips down Mario's balls as Viktor drenches his hole in spit. With Mario's ass lubed up, Viktor uses his monster cock to stretch Mario's hole wide. Viktor's muscled chest and thick arms bulge as Mario backs his ass up. Like a raging bull, Viktor fucks faster and faster, harder and harder. Reclining on the bench, Mario lowers himself down on Viktor's massive tool for a wild ride. Mario's hole stretches wide as he slams down onto Viktor's cock. Mario's body shakes with the power of his massive orgasm as he blasts his huge load everywhere. Exhausted, he leans back on the bench and opens his mouth to receive Viktor's cum.

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Men of Madrid
Men of Madrid
Kinky Bravo
Kinky Bravo
Martin Mazza, the ass you need
Martin Mazza, the ass you need